They say that we are all instilled with strength at a very young age.

While we are growing inside of our parents wombs, we are taught to survive — survive strong winds, hurricanes, unexpected bumps on gritty roads.

When we become toddlers, we are taught to survive even more —  bumps & bruises, stitches even.

As young children in first & second grade, we are taught to survive cooties & ghosts & monsters…. But who prepares us for life after childhood? Who really prepares us for adulthood? The twists & turns, the ins & outs of being an adult. As a teenager, growing up I couldn’t wait to be an adult. To me, being an adult meant excitement, you know.. the obvious. Being able to use whatever language I wanted, whenever I wanted, being able to stay out late owing no explanations to anyone, having my own home & hell, maybe one day having children. Being an adult meant traveling, long talks on the phone with no one telling you to hang up and get ready for school the following day. Being an adult meant setting my own standards and making my own rules of life. But what if God & the universe already had pre-set rules for me? What if He already had my life mapped out so strategically that I had no time to change anything that didn’t fit my standards? We were taught to fight, but no one ever prepared us for when the fight would begin nor what the fight would include….and so it began.

Who would’ve thought while I was out, adulting, living my best life in Jamaica on vacation another “life” was growing inside of me. Who would’ve thought that while I was in ATL, for my cousin’s beautiful wedding  moment, attending as a Maid of Honor, I had my own little moment growing inside of me.

No, we aren’t celebrating pink & blues and this isn’t a celebration. No, I wasn’t preparing for some big gender reveal & this isn’t some fancy announcement that I have a child on the way. While I was busy adulting, cancer was growing inside of my body.

We were taught to fight – but I was never prepared to fight this fight, until I was. My name is Ranneisha, I am 27 years young and I am a triple negative breast cancer FIGHTER. Take a ride with me on my journey to become whole – my healing journey, because I am fighting cancer, what is your super power?